Why Billboard Express?

Billboard Express mobile billboards guarantees the highest proof of performance, quality, service and communications in the mobile billboard advertising business. We respect and greatly appreciate you choosing us as your mobile billboard advertising company, and will succeed in accomplishing everything it takes to earn your repetitive business.
Mobile Billboard Truck

We have conducted many mobile billboard advertising campaigns to create exposure, awareness and drive our clients message directly to the consumer. We are very experienced in every method it takes to make a great and successful ad campaign.

Mobile Billboard Truck

about us

With a dream to provide the best in mobile billboard advertising, Billboard Express mobile billboards first started in 1994 with one truck and a great amount of determination. By having the best customer satisfaction that advertisers could find, companies kept returning to us again and again. As mobile billboards grew, so did the amount and variety of advertisers. Now over 17 years later, Billboard Express has grown to become one of the most well-known and highly-valued mobile billboard advertising companies across the country. With a fleet of mobile billboards that spans nationwide, no job is too small or too large for Billboard Express. Billboard Express thrives on creating sales and ultimate exposure in your target market. We have an impeccable track record in mobile billboard advertising and firmly believe that

"Customer satisfaction isn't everything, it's the only thing!"

Billboard Express mobile billboards is unique in that we take the message where the consumer is all day long. The mobile billboard is driven along a specific route or to a certain location, as prescribed by the client, to advertise to a particular audience. Flexibility is the main advantage of utilizing mobile billboards. Mobile billboards may achieve market saturation or reach a specific demographic target. Mobile billboards allow advertisers several creative opportunities, including embellishments, interactive displays, promotional programs, grand openings, new home communities, sporting events and much more. The sheer size of the truck provides both readability from great distance as well as a strong impact. Mobile billboard advertising also captures broad consumer interest and awareness. They not only bring the advertising message directly to the consumer, but also have creative avenues that are inherent to them.

Our mobile billboards are designed to target specific streets and locations throughout designated cities like no one else can. Mobile billboard advertising has been proven to be a high impact, out-of-home medium.

By putting your “advertisement on the move” you will create an everlasting impression to your targeted audience. Some of our past clients include: Mobile On The Run, Remy Martin, Maggi, California Dept of Boating and Waterways, Sprint PCS, Delta Airlines, Nissan, Commercial Capital Bank, The Disney Channel, Cox Communications, Qantas Airways, and many more. By reserving mobile units early, you can be assured of availability for your upcoming campaign.

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